About Us

LEVON TRAVEL bureau is a United States based full service travel agency with more than 40 years of travel industry experience and operating through its three offices worldwide: with the main office in Los Angeles (USA), and branch offices in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Yerevan (Armenia). LEVON TRAVEL's Georgia branch office opened in 1997. During these past years, we have provided our customers with the best possible service to fulfill their travel needs. We have prepared incoming and outgoing tour-packages to help our clients in Georgia to discover the World and the visitors in discovering Georgia.

Being fully equipped with computer reservation systems we are constantly updating them and are therefore able to provide state-of-the art technology to travelers from around the world to and from Georgia. The geographic locations of our branch offices put us in an excellent position to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our area of expertise is international travel. We offer westbound as well as eastbound fares for travel to and from all parts of the world. LEVON TRAVEL's client base includes a wide range of prominent groups and organizations. A large portion of our customers consists of government agencies, as well as non-profit organizations. We are confident that our experience in the Commonwealth of Independent States market and our knowledge of the travel industry will allow us to serve you better than any other travel agency in the region. Make the most of the new millennium with Levon Travel.

LEVON TRAVEL cooperates with a large number of reputable and renowned travel agencies worldwide. We organize one-week and two-week sightseeing tours for tourists, as well as for entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities. We have also prepared custom made tours for groups or individuals interested in seeing Georgia and whole Caucasus region. In addition to the tours LEVON TRAVEL assists travelers in obtaining air-tickets, visas and insurance, in and out transfers, hotel accommodation, guides and interpreters assistance, and all other types of services necessary to make your visit to Georgia a pleasant and unforgettable one.




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